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Help and How-to: Learning Center for Groove Virtual Office

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Groove Tutorial

This informative tutorial demonstrates the basics of getting started, and provides examples of how to use Groove Virtual Office.

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  • User's Guide
    Provides comprehensive instructions and information on all Groove features.
  • Getting Started
    Less comprehensive than the User's Guide, this document covers all the Groove basics.
  • Groove Virtual Office Basics
    Perfect for helping new Groove teams get started quickly.
  • Groove Virtual Office Best Practices
    Based on feedback from novices and power users alike. Alone or bundled with the Groove Basics Quick Reference Guide, it's a handy resource for new and intermediate users.
  • Groove Virtual Office Projects
    The Project Manager tool is ideal for creating and monitoring group projects, tracking deliverables and making project information accessible to project participants, whether they're working online or off.
  • Groove Hosted Services

For Administrators

For Developers

See Groove Virtual Office in action

These mini movies are examples of some common task you will encounter in Groove Virtual Office.

Groove 2.x Documentation

By default, most Help files for Groove 2.x releases are stored on groove.net and downloaded by users as needed (however, all Help files are installed on your PC with Groove 3.0). Installing the appropriate Help file below will give you access to the complete directory right on your PC... Perfect for offline use. Click to install:

v2.0 Help

v2.1 Help

v2.5 Help